Board of Health

Health services are provided by, through a shared service agreement, Pequannock Township Health Department. Among the responsibilities are:

  • Conduct individual health assessments to determine proper referral for necessary personal health care.
  • Offer monthly Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Investigate all communicable diseases.
  • Offer immunizations to include adult influenza vaccinations and childhood vaccinations schedules as recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
  • Audit all schools to insure appropriate vaccination levels of each student.
  • Conduct health promotion programs to help residents identify and change unhealthy lifestyle practices.
  • Issue septic and well permits for newly constructed or altered septic systems and individual water supplies.
  • Inspect all food and drink establishments including restaurants, delicatessens, and food markets.
  • Inspect public bathing places, spas, and swimming pools.
  • Inspect body piercing, tattoo, and massage parlors.
  • Inspect youth and day camps.

Board Members

Name Title
Linda Roetman Secretary/Alternate Member

2021 Board of Health

Nikki Leet


Stacey Dakake

Vice Chairman

Anita Meola


Thomas Frodella


Millie Stires


Linda Roetman

Board Secretary