The DIAL-A-RIDE SERVICE IS AVAILABLE TO Senior Citizens 55 years or older and Disabled 18 to 55 with no alternate means of transportation, residing in Butler, Kinnelon, Lincoln Park, Pequannock and Riverdale.

Transportation is provided to eligible residents for NON-EMERGENCY medical appointments, health needs, nutrition site, shopping, social services, and recreational activities and visits providing space is available.   Priority will be given to Doctors and Health Needs First.

Very often it becomes necessary to juggle times in order to accommodate everyone.  We work very hard behind the scenes not to “Bump”.  However, please be aware that there is still the possibility of being “bumped” (if the appointment is for Banking, Hairdresser, Visitation etc.) for more important appointments, such as Doctors or Health needs.

Our first attempt would be to move the client’s time earlier or later in order NOT to “bump”.  The following transportation options must be considered and ruled out before DIAL-A-RIDE services may be used:

1.         Personal means of transportation (own vehicle)

2.         Family or friends providing transportation

3.         Public transportation


Dial-A-Ride provides curb to curb service to our passengers (the driver will wait at the curb and will beep the horn to notify you of their presence).  Central pickup points are encouraged for group activities.  Passengers requiring special assistance must notify the dispatcher of their special need.  All mobility impaired persons requiring the use of a wheelchair or other mobility device must have a ramp or access to the ground level in order for Dial-A-Ride to provide service.


A person is considered transportation disabled if, by reason of illness, injury, age, congenital malfunctions, or other permanent or temporary incapacity or disability, they exhibit persistent, marked restriction of daily activities and/or serious impairment of social functioning.  A Certificate of Eligibility may be required, if under 55 years of age. A wheelchair lift vehicle is available for the disabled.  If you have the need for this specific type vehicle or cannot board a bus and can only manage a smaller vehicle, please inform the dispatcher when making the appointment.