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By now you have received your 2018 FINAL tax bill from the Borough of Riverdale. 
Each year many questions arise with regards to changes in property taxes.
The following two factors  affect your taxes:

ASSESSMENTS:  Any changes in your home assessment will affect your taxes.
In Riverdale, the Tax Assessor conducts an annual reassessment.
The purpose is to have minor adjustments year to year to avoid large fluctuations when done over a 10 year period.

TAX INCREASES:  Any increase in the School, Municipal, or County tax levy will add to your taxes. 
The Mayor and Council control only 33% of  your property taxes. 
The remainder is levied by the School and and County. 
The school portion managed by the Riverdale Board of Education accounts for 50% of your taxes.

For the second year in a row, there has been NO TAX INCREASE in the Municipal portion of your taxes.
In an 
effort to provide a detailed breakdown, click the following link to select your property and see the actual breakdown. 
Link to Tax Analysis Database